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Hajj- the ultimate act of worship and one of the most important pillars in Islam is obligatory for every Muslim who can afford to go to Makkah. In fact, it is an opportunity given to some of the most blessed individuals by Allah and it is the time when he answers all your duas like ask him for forgiveness and you will be forgiven IN SHAA ALLAH. Hajj is performed during the holiest month of Dhu al-Hijja and it is the month when airlines are fully loaded as millions and millions of people fly to Jeddah for their spiritual purification and to fulfil this religious obligation. So, getting a cheap Hajj deal from UK becomes very difficult these days, and if you are determined to join the millions of pilgrims, then all you have to do is to locate the best Hajj package for you and your family. Here is the link to download Hajj Application form.

Download Hajj Application Form

Those who already have the privilege to perform Hajj must be aware of the meticulous planning which you need to do while arranging the whole tour. We at Hajj and Umrah deal are always here to make things easy for you as we are the specialist tour operators offering you the best of pilgrimage tour packages from the UK. We completely understand the importance of this sacred occasion and spend a considerable time in arranging the best deal for you keeping in mind all your requirements and needs. Catering the UK’s entire Muslim community, our professional assistance team caters the needs of individual travellers and groups. And with the grace of Almighty Allah, we are serving thousands of Hajj pilgrims from every background and every school of thought.

We make it possible for a middle class worshipper to plan a hajj trip to Makkah and within his own resources, no borrowing, just save your own money and go to Makkah at a price which is affordable for you. Now, you don’t have to leave any of your family members behind due to expenses, we are here to arrange the cheapest flight to Jeddah and an economical residence in Makkah or Madinah for you and your loved ones. And if you are going for the minor Hajj also called Umrah, then go with our dates, usually the low season or the months when you can avail a cheap Makkah tour is in the months of April, July, August or from the mid of October till the first ten days of December. These are the months when you can afford a room for two people just in 460 Saudi Riyals and for four persons the price will be 700 Riyals.

Each package offered at Cheap Umrah Ticket is unique, including different things in different packages like meals during all your rites of Hajj, return flights, domestic transport and lectures to improve your understanding of the Hajj. Also, we have exclusive arrangements for restaurants and you can ask for a buffet facility anytime 24 hours a day, our agents are always there looking after your travel needs. And when it comes to transfers, during each and every step of hajj from Mina, Arafat to Muzdalfa, we can arrange the transport for you, and it is also included in most of our already designed cheap Hajj Packages. In short, we aim to make this Hajj one of the memorable events in your life, book your hajj tour with Cheap Umrah Ticket, leave aside all your worries and just focus on your spiritual enlightenment.

We have years of experience in this field, so you can be sure that your trip is in good hands. Our sales staff is well aware with all the necessary requirements of pilgrimage, ask them for assistance for any event and you will get a friendly response always. Also, they help you in organising your group bookings, simply tell them about the number of your group members, and they will take care of all of your travel needs. As soon as you book with us, you are free to concentrate on your holy meeting with Allah at the same time we will be managing everything your flights, your accommodation and your transport needs in fact everything you want to include in your Hajj package. So, if you are planning to go to Hajj or Umrah, feel free to contact us. Our lines are open 24/7 and we assure you that after booking with us, you will never feel sorry.